This Scene is too Deep for your Target Audience

These are the words I heard from my distributor of this film, "This scene is too deep for your target audience, they will never get it.  Let's cut it down". 

I hated to lose it but when you're working for "the man", and you're not Steven Spielberg, you need to follow their rules.  It's a shame indie films do not have "Director Cuts" because this scene's emotion was straight out of my adolescent, sexual tensioned mind.

My Dog the Champion Scene 55.png

I can remember as a kid the first time I interacted with a girl in a "I like you, do you like me" kind of way.  I was so scared and awkward.  I knew what I wanted to say but saying it felt like standing on the edge of a 500ft cliff not wanting to jump off.  I felt I got stellar performances out of these two wonderful actors and we worked hard pulling it off. 

I love the subtle facial expressions as they both struggle to reveal their emotions for each other. 

Sadly, the scene was severely cut down in the distributed version because at the time, I made movies for children.  The target audience would just not get the subtle nuances of emotion shown here.  This early cut still remained scattered under a sea of files on one of my hard drives.

Watch the full scene here: