Oners in Cinematography pt 2

Oners in Cinematography Let the Audience Feel More a Part of the World.

A previous post explained and showed what a "oner" is, please check it out here.  I ran across another one I did on a past film and wanted to share it because of it's artistic quality.  The scene was set in a comic book store, full of toys and books.  The Director's vision was to have the male actor introduce the actress to her deceased son's world, a world of fantasy where he lost himself between the pages of a comic book. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 2.22.25 PM.png


My best interpretation of the Director's feelings for this scene was to envelope the two actors inside this world and make the audience feel as if they were looking through a toy and comic fantasy snowglobe of sorts.

I thought a curved dolly track oner would be a perfect application for this.  In this scene, the toys and comics play a character and gets nearly as much attention and screen time as the other characters themselves.  I felt that this was a constant reminder to the audience.  A reminder of the world the actress was being introduced to.

View the entire scene here: