The Youth of Today are our Tools for Tomorrow

You should see my domain registration bill every month.  You see, I'm a domainoholic. 

Because I am an entrepreneur, at any given moment, I have about 5-6 future businesses floating around in my head and usually register the domain right away.  I think about ways to make common everyday life easier, then how to monetize that.  I think of how to improve items people use every day, faster ways of doing things or services for doing things that people that are too lazy to do themselves.  I am not too enamored with the concept of 'spending money' but more so the concept of 'making money'. 

Kevin Nations Post Idea.jpeg

Think UBER.  Holy cow!  What an amazing idea.  Why on EARTH didn't anyone think of this before (and act on it).  AirBnB.  Are you kidding?  That business was on the tip of everyone's tongue and no one moved on it... until someone did.

Many of you reading are adults.  We should show the youth of today HOW TO MOVE.  Many of you reading might even be successful and have a little free time or money to pour into those youth and


Maybe it's time for us to mentor our youth.  Find those that have the potential and drive that you have now and shape them into success. 

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