Kevin Nations Post helps Chef Daryl make his splash

The KNP office was filled with the sensational smells of food

as Daryl and Dawn Huff set up their props getting ready for a photoshoot for Chef Daryl's soon-to-come website.

Chef Daryl Home.jpg

Daryl Huff is a personal chef.  He and his wife Dawn own a non-profit organization called HolyRollers Ministries which makes and serves first-repsonders and people in need due to disaster.  They "roll" all over the country with a mobile kitchen to let Chef Daryl make his signature dishes for the needy.

"People going through a disaster need food, we might as well give them a gourmet experience" -Chef Daryl

Chef Daryl Gallery 01.jpg
Chef Daryl Gallery 03.jpg
Chef Daryl Gallery 05.jpg

KNP took photos and is designing Chef Daryl's online presence.  If you are in need of a personal chef, I highly recommend him (he brought amazing food for our crew to eat).