Why Do They Hate Me!?

First Impressions Aren’t the Full Story


kevin nations post rude man.jpg

Sitting on the couch, my friend turned to me and pointed out that a high school acquaintance had friended her on Facebook.  “Why did they friend me? They hated me!”, she exclaimed. “Then why did you accept their friend request?”, I returned. “I don’t know, maybe I’m intrigued”.  

We know ourselves.  We know our pros and cons, still, most of us think we are quite likeable.  Then why do certain people not like us? What is it about us that tweaks another person so much that you’re not only “not liked” but “hated”?  As fun as it is to say, The Beastie Boys said it best, “Ill Communication”.

I realize there are bullies, people who live to make other lives miserable.  I believe those people are the minority and I am not talking about them. I am talking about the common folks that try to be decent human beings.  

Imagine if when meeting new people, you were only allowed to give them a recording of you in your car, during morning rush hour traffic, late for work.  Would you pass their “first impressions test”? Depending on how relaxed they are on expletives, maybe. But there is a good chance you’ll be cemented in their mind as hot tempered, hateful and rude even though they do not have the full story.


Give people a chance to communicate their true nature.  You might make a new friend.